Home(-) and Garden    2018 | Socrates Sculpture Park. Long Island City, Queens, NY  Steel, drinking cans, aluminum, copper wire, Plexiglas, flooring, paint, perennial woodland plants, annual plants, bulbs, woodchips, compost. Each tent-assemblage 18 x 32 x 32 inches (24 tents). Planting dimensions variable (11 planted beds). The woodland sculpture-garden installation forms a place to contemplate the proliferation of homeless encampments surrounded by screening vegetation as socially produced landscapes that emerge in designed, culturally produced urban landscapes. The work connects New York’s thriving luxury real-estate market with broader urban planning issues, and the active role that these factors play in generating and perpetuating chronic mass homelessness.
  Lincoln Road Entrance Planting Design  |   2017  Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY Digital drawing, native herbaceous plants. Approximately 3,000 square feet planted. A large Prospect Park, Brooklyn entrance planting with a complex matrix of native perennial species and about 3,000 live plants installed. This entrance was selected for its location on the low-income side of the Park as a deliberate response to the uneven distribution of Park resources and services.
  His Circle   New York, NY | 2007  Stenciled spray paint on paper. 48 x 48 inches. Site-specific graffiti for the area of Columbus Circle.